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At Wininger Construction, someone is always available to answer your questions, and keep you up to speed on all project developments. Nights, weekends, it makes no difference. If you have a question about our work, or your ongoing project, we’ll get back to you with the right answer, fast.  

At Wininger, we take the time to listen to your ideas and concerns, and make sure to take notes during discussions, so we can share your unique vision. Unlike other contractors, we also give you the information and time you need to make an informed decision – without sales pressure or time constraints. Our expert staff explains the pros and cons of every one of our options, and makes you feel very comfortable when working with us.

From custom homes to apartment complexes, restaurants to patios and outdoor accents, Wininger does it all. Our company ensures that every project gets the highest levels of individual management and professional oversight. We use our expertise to get the job done, from start to finish, and eliminate any fears of going over time or over budget.  

Wininger Construction is part of the Monroe Builder’s Association, and we serve clients in Bloomington, IN, and Columbus and Monroe counties.